Saturday, May 7, 2011

Short Answer

I finally thought of a satisfying short answer for why we are choosing to homeschool our kids (though I am probably not the first person to say this): Because raising them is too important a job to outsource.


  1. I like that answer. I may have to borrow that if I have to defend my choice in teh future.

  2. Perfect! And very succinct!

    I've noticed that while people can initially think homeschooling is a wacky idea, at the same time they wouldn't doubt for a minute that public schools are really suffering under budget cuts. If I tell people we're homeschooling with a wide smile, I usually get the same back. And if I feel the need to elaborate, I just say that the recent budget cuts to public schools have really alarmed us, and private school is just not an option. Of course, there's 572 other reasons, but who has all day?

  3. Yeah - I have a tendency, in my enthusiasm for homeschooling and my desire for people to understand it, to ramble on and on when asked why. Now I am just going to make this my standard response and stop there unless asked for more info.


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