Monday, May 16, 2011

I did something (apparently) very out of character for me...

So I got a tattoo this weekend. Not on an impulse, it's something I've thought about for years. I've always thought it would be fun to get one, and I knew I definitely wanted something celestial, as I'm a big fan of the cosmos. I went with my amazing sister-in-law, who I adore, on Saturday night and we both got our first tattoos together. We had a great time, and we both love our new artwork. Here's mine:

Just a simple cluster of stars with some pretty swooshy swirls. When I look at this design, I feel like it's totally "me". Which is why I'm surprised by the reactions of everyone who knows me well. The phrase that has replaced "but what about socialization?" as most cringe-inducing to me is now "Wow, I'd never in a million years have thought YOU would get a tattoo." In other words, I am apparently perceived as a total stick in the mud! My brother didn't believe it was real until he touched it. My mom said, "Well, you're just so... traditional." To which I replied, "I am not! I am an atheist homeschooling Libertarian! What is traditional about that!?" Ok, yeah, I know I'm pretty straight laced, and have never remotely been a partier at all. I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised by the majority response... but I honestly didn't expect it. In my own head, the only thing about this that is out of character for me, is that I took a little time for myself and went and did a little something special for me, which IS pretty rare. :)


  1. Looks great, and that's a really good picture of you! Your last line made me smile - it's about time you did something for yourself!!!!!! And BTW, I love the label for this post (-:

  2. I think a lot of people were surprised when I got a tattoo, too. Mine's on my butt, though, so they don't get to see it. ROFL

    It's very pretty!

  3. I love your blog. Cool tattoo.

    I would love to get a tattoo. I am just scared of the pain.


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