Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest

There have been a few discussions/quotes in the past week or so that I want to remember so I am recording them here...

As Shane was leaving for work the other day, Bug told him "Have a good adventure!"

We took a trip to Kalahari for Monkey's birthday.  While we were in the wave pool there, Bug was looking into my eyes and smiling as we floated in the wave pool and he said:  "I could just look at you allllll day!"

The other day, during Monkey's small, immediate-family-only birthday party, completely out of the blue he exclaimed, "I'm gay!"  This is a topic that just hasn't really come up yet, so I was quite surprised to hear him say that.  I asked him where he heard it.  He couldn't remember.  I asked if he knew what it meant and he replied something like, "You start out as a girl and then you turn into a boy."  Wanting to be direct and honest and not make a big deal out of it, I said, "Um, no.  Being gay means, if you're a boy - you love boys, and if you're a girl - you love girls."  And he said, "Or it just means you're happy.  So, I'm gay!"  Well okay then.  I was all worried about getting that important conversation just right and he meant it in a completely different way.  Not sure what the grandparents made of that exchange...

At bedtime a couple nights ago, the kids suddenly got super riled up and were maniacally dancing around and singing "What Does the Fox Say?"  My husband, at the end of his patience, attempted to impose some calm and said in a stern voice:  "Alright that's enough.  You are CUT OFF from that song.  There will be no more 'What Does the Fox Say?' today."  I could not contain my amusement at the notion of cutting someone off from a song... I tried not to let the kids see that I was laughing, but my shoulders were shaking too hard.  So that diffused a bit of the effect poor Shane was going for.

Yesterday morning, I asked Bug to stop doing something and he replied, "I just can't help it.  My brain is my brain, and my think is my think."  Sounds like a Dr. Seuss quote or something.

I feel like there are a couple more but they aren't coming to me right now.  I'll update if I remember more...

UPDATE:  One more.  "Dad is sooooo strong.  He could probly lift a elephant right?"  --Bug