Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just some thoughts I wanted to record...

Ok, I have tons of homeschooling-related stuff to post, but I just wanted to quickly record some thoughts that came to me today...

Bug's birthday is coming up, and this evening I started to reminisce about my pregnancy with him... which eventually led me to think about my uncle who passed away about 6 weeks before he was born.  Not only is it amazing that Bug has been here 3 years already, but I can't believe Uncle Kim (Bug's middle name comes from his middle name) has been gone for 3 years either.  I was remembering being very pregnant at his funeral - the only occasion I had to wear "dressy" maternity clothes during either of my pregnancies - and having my distant relatives fawning over me and asking "Boy or girl, when are you due, do you have a name picked out?" type questions, which was actually kind of a helpful distraction since I detest funerals.  Different memories and images of him are flashing through my mind.  I remember his voice, the distinct way he talked, his laugh - and how he always seemed to be laughing.  I remember running into him at work one night, when I was pregnant with Monkey, and I remember him timidly asking if he could feel the baby kick... and I remember him standing with me, smiling, in the middle of my store, with his hands on my belly.  (Side note: strangely, I normally do not like other people touching me or being in my personal space, but when I was pregnant I actually liked letting people feel my belly, sharing that.)

I still feel a twinge of anger that he's gone whenever I think about it.  Just not fair that this world had to lose someone so smart and fun and full of life, so early.  So, that's all.  Just missing you, Uncle Kim, and don't really have anywhere else to address that feeling so it's going here.

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