Monday, October 15, 2012

TEDx talk: What if We Trusted You? (Jerry Michalski)

When people we care about (there are plenty whose opinions we don't care about!) are confused by, or even blatantly disapproving of, our educational choices, I wish I could get them to sit down and watch this video.  Explaining why we do what we do is so complicated, and this video does an amazing job of it.  It's also a good pep talk for those of us who occasionally need a bit of encouragement, to remind us why we've chosen the path we've chosen.  Brilliant.

As a bonus, here's another favorite of mine.  I've shared it here before, but I'm sharing again, for anyone who may not have seen it.

Feel free to direct your next critic to this post, and refuse to discuss the issue further until they have watched both videos.

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  1. I never saw the Jerry Michalski video before. I brought it up full-screen and turned up the volume -- good Sunday morning "revival" fare.

    I saw another mom at the store yesterday. Our kids are (were) in the same grade. She said her middle schooler "loves art" now because they are not forced to do the same project. There's room for one's own idea of "creation." They can draw or do it on the computer or whatever.

    He also likes changing classes. It piqued my interest that the thing which made this kid like middle school were the freedom and the variety.

    "He doesn't get in trouble for talking, though, because they're so busy," she said.

    Ah--no talking. One must listen and receive. But that's not what he likes, is it?


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