Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Road trip Oct 2012

Finally catching up on vacation pics from our trip to the Outer Banks back in October...  here are some highlights from the road trip.  I joined AAA the day before we left and got a triptych for navigation - first time I'd ever used one and it was super helpful - I totally recommend it.  (Side note:  The AAA store has TONS of great FREE travel info for members - maps, brochures, etc.  I came out of there with a big pile of stuff with future field trips in mind!)  I really love road trips - in my opinion they are half the fun of going on vacation.  I love being "stuck" together in the car and getting to enjoy each other's company, while watching interesting new sights pass by our windows.

On the trip, I decided to make it "my thing" to take a picture of every state welcome sign we passed.  I got all except the elusive West Virginia.  Somehow I missed it both on the way down and on the way back.  My OCD was really itching.  Grrr.   

The DS kept Monkey pretty happily occupied...

While Bug found other ways to entertain himself.  (Whoopie cushions are SO hilarious to a 2yr old!)
This cool toy that I picked up on Amazon also helped keep him busy.

I love driving through the mountains.

Tunnels are exciting!

A scenic group of windmills.  We passed several of these clusters.

The boys snuggled into their bed in the hotel room (where we stopped halfway overnight), watching cartoons on CABLE - what a treat!  (We do not have cable at home, which makes us pretty much Amish, I know.)

Next post:  Our arrival at the beach!

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