Monday, August 27, 2012

Organizational Idea - "Places to Go and Things to Do" Binder

I took these pics awhile back but just noticed I forgot to finish/publish this post.  Just wanted to share something I came up with to organize all of my information about places I want to go (and places I want to go back to).  I printed out park maps & info sheets of all of the metro parks, museums, zoos, etc. that we plan to visit in the upcoming year - and put them into sheet protectors, so all I have to do when we're heading out is grab the page I need out of the book and take it with me.  In the front pocket, I keep current programs & events guides for various park systems, metropolitan areas, our local library, etc., so I can go through them at the beginning of each month and pick out things for us to do.  When I see something that looks promising, I write it on my wall calendar so I don't forget about it.

And yes, this idea was totally inspired by all of the organizational-binder-type ideas I've seen around Pinterest, although I've not yet seen one with this particular purpose.

Yeah, I know that says June.  It was current when I took the picture, I just forgot about it till now.


In the back are more maps, brochures, and events guides that I have picked up on our excursions (I LOVE those giant displays of random travel information that you come across at certain tourist places!) to give me ideas for future field trips.  If you look at your local area through the eyes of a tourist, you'll be amazed at all the things you discover that you never noticed before.

PS.  I have since added dividers to further organize by geographical area and type of attraction but I'm too lazy to go take more pictures.  So just use your imagination, k?

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