Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Greater Cleveland Aquarium - May 29, 2012

Ok, here's the last forgotten old post from my drafts folder.  We went to the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium back in May.  I totally thought I had posted this but I guess I hadn't.  It was very nice, and the kids really liked it, but we were in and out of there in about an hour.  For the steep cost of admission, I would have expected a full day's entertainment, but we're still glad we checked it out.  Probably won't become regular visitors though, unless we have free tickets fall into our laps or something.  We came with friends but we barely got to socialize with them because the boys were constantly running off ahead to see the next exciting thing...

You begin in the freshwater section.  There was a man roaming around in the costume and character of a ship's captain - I thought he was rather entertaining, although some might find him a little on the cheesy side.  (Sorry I didn't get any pics of him.)

Bug says "Hi fishies!"  He was quite fascinated by them.

Alligators.  Bug says: "He's gonna bite youuuu!"

Lobstrosities in an overhead tank.  (Bonus points if you get my "lobstrosities" reference.)

Checking out the "Nemo" fish in a saltwater tank.

I dig anemones.  Not sure why, I just do.

I really dug these old arched brick hallways - I thought it was nice that they saved a bit of the flavor of the original building.

Hey!  I captured a brief moment where we were actually in the same place as our friends.  Hi, friends!

Pretty shiny fishies (I forget what kind)

Rays and sharks in the touch tank

Bug touched one, but Monkey changed his mind at the last minute and decided he'd rather not.

The BIG tank at the end

Cool underwater tunnel

We came all this way to check out the aquatic life, and what did the boys find most interesting?  The humans in scuba gear, cleaning the tank!

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