Friday, July 13, 2012

Touch-A-Truck Event

Today, we went to the (apparently annual) "Touch-A-Truck" event in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  I had never heard of it and noticed a friend's post about it on Facebook a couple days ago and decided to check it out.  The boys liked it a lot.  At first, I didn't think Bug liked it nearly as much as Monkey - the occasional loud horns and sirens scared him and made him cry and cling to me a few times - but later, when he was on the phone enthusiastically telling Grandma all about it, I realized he enjoyed it more than I thought.

The school bus was a favorite of both boys.  Both are fascinated by them, and neither had ever been on one.  I am hoping the experience helps eliminate the mystique of riding on a bus, instead of adding to it...

Not sure why Bug's hair looks so red here!  Just got his mop chopped this morning before we headed to the event.

Monkey hanging out the window.

Free popsicles, woo-hoo!

Monkey on a Mowing Monstrosity.

Bug checkin' it out too.

Trying on some fireman gear

Driving the fire truck

Humvee and soldiers.

Sitting in the sling for the gun turret on top.
Tangent:  as we were leaving the humvee, I said to the soldier, "Thank you for your service," and surprised myself by suddenly feeling all choked up and emotional.  Even though I am a pacifist and strongly against war, I still appreciate the act of saying, "I believe in this country enough to give myself to it.  Do with me whatever you want," which is something I could never do, and something I (completely selfishly) hope my boys will not do either.  I just think of all the unimaginably scary and awful things these guys may have seen/experienced, while I've been going about my simple little happy life... it just gets me.  Anyways, back to the main topic...


First snow cone ever.

Sharing it with his little brother.

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