Sunday, July 29, 2012

My amazing method for getting a wiggly kid to be still...

I just wanted to share a neat trick that I've discovered that helps Monkey Man settle down when he is bouncing off the walls.  I start placing random items on his body, and he suddenly discovers the ability to hold very still.  It is amazing how quickly the transformation in his attitude and behavior happens.  The act of balancing the items somehow helps him to connect with his body, and he becomes acutely aware of every part of it.  He seems calmed and soothed, and he's full of giggled requests for "More!  More!"  When he finally moves and the items fall off, he gets to count to see how many we managed to get onto him.


  1. My son has mild sensory integration inclinations--he needs to move and is calmed with hard work/pressure. Swinging and spinning make him more active (not as soothing).

    Never thought of this one.

  2. Love this! Will have to try it with my wiggliest.


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