Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Falls River Square, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Two weeks ago, we went to the splash pad at Falls River Square in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with some homeschooling friends.  We had never been there before but had been meaning to go, and we had a great time.  After playing in the water, the boys and I explored the nearby boardwalk along the Cuyahoga River - a place I hadn't been since I was a kid.

As you can see, he has made great progress in conquering his fear of the water this summer.

The boardwalk begins at the Sheraton Hotel, with a view of this waterfall.

There's the Sheraton.

The boys loved this echo-y place where the boardwalk goes under Broad Blvd.

Hey, wait for me, kiddos!  (They're the green and red blobs way up ahead.)

I was beyond thrilled to discover that this place is still there!  I remember being here when I was about 9 years old, and I was so fascinated with it - it has always stuck in my mind for some reason.  I thought it was something in the process of being built, but the place is still just as it was then.  Monkey had fun jumping from pillar to pillar, just like I did about 25 years ago!

And the trail ends here with a view of this waterfall.

Bug:  "This the funnest place, Mom!"



Another view.  This place is odd because it appears to be an amphitheater, but it doesn't face anything but the river and the highway bridge on the other side of the river.  Just a really cool public space with no purpose I guess.

Back down the boardwalk.  Time to go get milkshakes at Swenson's!

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  1. We were just in Cuyahoga Falls a few weeks ago! We were coming home from a three week road trip through Montreal, Maine, Boston and New York City, so we just stayed for one night in Ohio, but from the posts I've read on your blog so far, I'd love to go back to that area again!


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