Thursday, May 17, 2012

A moment to remember...

Shane took a rare day off today, and this afternoon all four of us went for a lovely stroll on the Towpath Trail.  As Monkey & I walked along hand-in-hand, we spontaneously developed a secret code based on # of hand squeezes.  It started because I decided to teach him an idea I remembered reading on 100 Ways To Be Kind to Your Child (item #18), that 3 squeezes = "I love you".  His whole face lit up and he was immediately thrilled by this new form of communication.  He quickly began coming up with meanings for other increments of hand squeezes.  At bedtime he added a few more, and we are now up to distinct meanings for 1 through 8.  I was going to share the list here, but I think I'll let it stay secret - just between us.  Well, I'll share one he came up with that melted my heart a little.  I won't tell you which number it is, but one of them means "Coolest Mom Ever".   :*)

Try making up your own secret codes - I can't believe how much fun and special such a simple thing turned out to be!


  1. John John and I, just today, created our own handshake...
    Suffice it to say, it ends with us saying "Ma nu ma nu."

  2. You have a great blog I checked out your mum's too!We love being out in nature as much as possible, saving book learning for inclement weather!


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