Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cleveland Zoo - April 5, 2012

In early April, we took a trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo with some non-homeschooling friends whose kids were on spring break - specifically Monkeyman's friend, S., who Monkey used to hang out with quite a bit.  They haven't gotten to hang out much since S. started public school and Monkey didn't, and they were quite happy to see each other, and had a great time together.  The Cleveland Zoo is wonderful.  It's SO much bigger and nicer than the Akron Zoo, which we visit more often due to its closer proximity to us.  They have a larger variety of animals, and their enclosures seem nicer too.  Overall a great excursion, although I was pretty whooped by the end from chasing Bug, and then carrying him once he got tired (he wants no part of the stroller anymore - quit using it long ago).

I love the Orangutans.  I could skip the rest of the zoo and just watch them all day.

Look at those eyes.


Trying out the "kangaroo ears" to see how they can augment one's hearing abilities.

Zoo Train ride!  We sat at the very back, in the "caboose."  That's Monkey's pal, S. riding with us. 

Both of my boys are obsessed with railroad crossing signals/signs, so I took this one for them.

Hello, kangaroo!

If you look closely, you can see this mama kangaroo has a joey peeking out of her pouch!

Bug riding a pretend elephant.


I love this rope sculpture/climbing structure thing!  Wish I had one in my backyard!
Monkeyman loves it too!


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