Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hiking Highlights - Nature Realm and Furnace Run

The next few posts are going to be a long-overdue series highlights from our hikes throughout September/October/November, to complete our hiking spree.  (Yeah, we did it!!)  I have more pics than I thought so I'm going to break it into several smaller posts.  First up:

F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm, Akron, Ohio - 9/27/2011

This is the only pic I liked from that hike.  Monkeyman wasn't too into it that day - about halfway through he said to me, "Mom, I'm tired of walking.  We should have brought the van."

Furnace Run MetroPark, Richfield, Ohio - 10/5/2011

Old Mill Trail marker

This huge engraved boulder sits at the top of a hill on the trail, given by the family who donated the land for the park.  "Brush Wood is given in memory of CHARLES FRANCIS BRUSH JUNIOR.  To all those who love as he loved the far sky and smiling land.  1929."

Taking a break

Self portrait of the 3 of us, Bug on my back as always.

The highlight of the hike was finding this guy in the middle of the trail - I nearly stepped on him!

I was gonna try to pick him up for Monkeyman but I was afraid he'd snap at me and make me jump, and I didn't want Monkeyman to be afraid of him.  So instead I found a stick to pick him up with.  I have always found snakes to be fascinating.

Hard to see but here's Monkeyman holding the snake-stick.

...more to come!

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