Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hiking Highlights - Deep Lock Quarry

Deep Lock Quarry MetroPark, Peninsula, Ohio  10/9/2011
This was one of my favorite hikes.  The weather was beautiful - a picture perfect warm fall day, and since we went on the weekend Daddy was able to come with us too.  Our schedule is always so crazy that it seems like we don't get to do stuff together as a family as often as I'd like, so this was nice.  Also, we'd never been to this park before and it was very cool.  Its name comes from the fact that it contains both the deepest lock on the old Ohio & Erie Canal, and an old sandstone quarry as well.  

Quarry Trail marker

Discarded millstones along the path

Part of the quarry - view from the bottom

King of the mountain!
King of the mountain #2!  Monkeyman is standing on a pile of unused stones on the floor of the quarry.

View from the top

My boys.  It made me a little nervous being up there with the kids, but I love this pic!

Another view from the top

Discarded piece of equipment along the trail (some kind of giant wedge).  I would have missed it if Shane hadn't noticed it.

Brothers in the woods.

Another section of the quarry that you can see from the path if you are observant - I nearly missed it.

Bug walked over halfway this time - here he's taking a rest.

Shane and Monkeyman disobeying the sign and checking out the lock more closely...

Monkeyman loved hearing his voice echo in this tunnel.

Special treat - we got to see a train from the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad go by.

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