Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear religious parents who shun your Atheist children: you're doing it wrong.

My mom and I have had lots of discussions about religion and spirituality. She knows that I am an Atheist and why; we respect each others' points of view, and simply agree to disagree on the subject of God. She started a blog a while back but never writes on it, and I was teasing her about it the other day. She said that she just doesn't have anything to say (Which is a LIE! She always has lots to say and she's totally robbing the world by not posting it on her blog!) so I jokingly suggested she write about "the crushing disappointment of having an Atheist daughter" she did. You can read what she wrote here. To any religious parents out there: THIS is how you are supposed to treat your non-religious children - as if they were, you know, people you actually love and respect. I have heard plenty of stories of people whose parents coldly shun/disown them, or conversely - launch a constant barrage of impassioned attempts to win them "back into the fold." These people cannot bear the horror of having their children rationally thinking for themselves, and are willing to put their passion for religion above their passion for their own children. Shame on them. (And shame on any religious group or authority that encourages that kind of behavior.) I mean, is that *really* what Jesus would do?

So I just wanted to say: Thanks, Mom!


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