Sunday, September 25, 2011

Piggy bank contents = math manipulatives

One day last week, Monkeyman wanted to know how much money was in his piggy bank. I suggested he count the contents himself and find out. First, we dumped the coins on the table and I had him sort them by type:

Then I had him put them into piles of 4 for the quarters and piles of 10 for dimes and pennies (for some reason there weren't very many nickels in there):

Finally, I showed him how to count out the right amount to put into rolls - for the quarters and dimes we counted by ones (each pile was one dollar), and for the pennies we counted by tens (ten-twenty-thirty-forty-fifty cents). A simple, hands-on, real-life math lesson - boom, done. He was really interested and focused on the "lesson" because he truly cared about the results. (Burning question: Is there enough for a new video game? Answer: Yes!) Oh, and I guess we fit a homeschooling stereotype that day: doing school in our jammies, as you can see Monkeyman in his Elmo pjs. Pretty sure I was still in my jammies too. (And yes I know I use parentheses too much.)

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  1. That’s a smart way of teaching your kids how to count money. Putting the coins into rolls is the easiest way of knowing how much money you already have. I hope he learned a lot from this. Next time, I think you better let him save money on his piggy bank to be put in a savings account under his name. Aside from spending, he must also learn the importance of saving at that age. I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy saving more money if he can see that he has already owned a bank account. ->Harriett Faulks


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