Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What We Did Over Summer Vacation - Part 2

The same day we visited GLSC, we finally toured the nearby Steamship William G. Mather for the first time as well.  It's a self-guided tour - you just follow taped arrow lines along the floor which show you the route.  It was pretty cool but the kids loved the big spaces and mostly wanted to zip through quickly instead of stopping to examine things, so I snapped as many pics as I could to look at later. 

A guest room

Guest lounge

Purser's safe

I *think* this was the captain's cabin,

The views were nice from up here.

I thought this old map was really cool.  I'd love to have a copy.

Officers' Dining Room


Engine room

This pic does not do justice to how cavernous this space was.

That is the biggest allen wrench I've ever seen.

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