Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pit Stop in Virginia Beach / Navy Base - Oct 2012

On the way home from our week-long vacation in the Outer Banks in October, we made a pit stop in Virginia Beach.  We lived there about 15 years ago, when we were first married and Shane was in the Navy.  We visited some old friends who still live in the area, and they showed us around AND most excitingly, got us onto the Navy base where Shane used to be stationed!

Cinema Cafe.  This was one of our favorite places when we lived in Virginia Beach.  It doesn't look like much, but it's a movie theater that has tables and chairs instead of rows of seats, and you can have food and drinks while you watch your movie.  A brilliant idea - I wish there was one near where we live now!

Our friends took us on a tour of a really cool newly developed area, which didn't exist when we lived there 15 years ago.

When we were there, it was called the Little Creek Amphibious Base.  I think the new name seems a bit cumbersome...
Shane and his buddy, Woody, at their old barracks.

I forget if this was on Shane's or Woody's old boat.

Shane and the boys, and Woody's son, N.

Little man on a big boat

This is Shane's old boat.  He really enjoyed showing it to his boys.

Explaining how it works

Husband was being silly, but I captured the moment!

Anchors aweigh!  The boys became instant pals.

Steam pipes run all over the base - I always found them interesting.

The Exchange

ABNB Federal Credit Union.  This is where I worked when we lived there, although they've received a new building since I was there.

A pretty view on the way to the bridge-tunnel, heading out of town.

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