Friday, January 18, 2013

Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education - Oct 2012

(Still catching up!)

We took a few small field trips from our beach house while we were in the Outer Banks in October.  One day we visited the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the nearby Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education.  The lighthouse was very cool, and a good workout too!  We climbed all 214 steps to the top... but there were a LOT of bees buzzing around up there and we chickens immediately went right back down.  I did bravely pop out and quickly snap a few shots of the view before running away, though.

The entrance

Looking up from the bottom

There was lots of information about local lighthouses along the walls on the first few levels.

Looking down from the top

Just outside the door, looking northwest towards the sound.

Looking northeast toward the ocean.

Looking southeast.

Looking south.


Next we walked over to the wildlife center.

Before going inside the building, we followed a long winding boardwalk through a marshy area, just to see where it went...

It led out to an observation deck on the sound.  And guess what we were lucky enough to observe?
This gorgeous great white egret!  I had never seen one before.

Looking back toward the lighthouse

Lighthouse and the Wildlife Center

There was a lot of space in the wildlife center devoted to bird hunting.

There was a nice display of local wildlife, and also an 8000 gallon aquarium full of local fish, which I didn't get any good shots of.

This is a small bit of the center's collection of antique hunting decoys.

This bear tried to eat monkey!  (Just kidding)

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