Sunday, January 8, 2012

Overdue update!

I have shamefully been neglecting this blog lately.  First I blame the holidays, and second I blame my recent obsession with  BTW, if you've been on the fence about joining ancestry, just do it - it's amazing.  Also, it would make an excellent homeschool project.  I keep trying to tell Monkeyman about what I'm doing but I can't seem to get him interested yet.  But we'll have lots of information to go on when he's older and starts to realize how cool it is.

Anyways, here's some stuff we've done in the past month or so.  I apologize for the brainstorm-slash-bulleted list style of this post but there are lots of little things that I just want to make sure I get written down.  (I know there are many more where I've thought "Oooh, I should write about that" and then forgotten.)

SO, in the past month, we:

  • joined a homeschool Lego club (which the boys are loving!)  It's a nice, intimate group of secular homeschoolers, and I'm enjoying getting to know the moms.  (Yay!)
Photo courtesy Dara B.
Photo courtesy Dara B.

  • Monkeyman had a cool little learning moment I wanted to write down.  We had a bag of Reese's Cups and he knew there were 5 of them left in the bag because we had counted them.  A while later, we were in the car and he asked for one, so I handed one to him, and one to Bug.  He said, "Now there's 3 left in the bag."  I said, "Monkeyman!  You just did MATH!" and pointed out what he did.  We haven't really touched on subtraction yet because he hasn't shown interest in it, so this was one of those WOW moments for me.

  • played with light and shadow

  • made some stick bombs (which we learned how to do from this tutorial if you wanna try it.) We gotta get some more sticks so we can make longer ones!

  • played with fake mustaches (did I really need to type "fake" there?  As if Monkeyman grew a real mustache in December.)

  • burned off some energy with the new trampoline.  (notice Bug likes to just sit and be bounced by Monkeyman.  lol)

  • made a list of stuff that I want him to learn, and stuff that he wants to learn, so we have some kind of plan for the new year.  But that'll be another post...

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