Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Play

So, two days ago, we had that perfect weather where there was lots of snow on the ground, but it was relatively warm out and the snow was wet and perfect for packing.  So my husband and Uncle Pat built a giant snowman for the boys...

The Bug, chillin' with the snowguy


...then we built a snow fort...

This snow-brick mold makes fort building easy!

The boys inside the fort

...then we did a little sled riding...

The biggest kid in the house, aka my husband!

...a little snowball fighting...

...and finally went inside and had some hot cocoa afterward.

It was a fun afternoon, and I'm really glad I took those pics, because it rained like crazy and melted all the snow away the next day, much to Monkeyman's great disappointment.


  1. Looks like a fun day! We've only had one short-lived snowfall this year, much to my kids' disappointment.

  2. I see you bought a snow-brick maker. Those beckon to me every winter from some catalog. Now I think I'll let it beckon me to a purchase--if we'd ever get and keep enough flipping snow!

  3. Jennifer, I think I came across it at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago and it looked like so much fun I couldn't resist. Totally money well spent. :) We could use a bit more snow here too, though!

  4. Hi, found your blog via the Atheist Blogroll and was afraid at first it was some sort of mistake when I saw the home-schooling reference. I am so jealous you have the opportunity to home school, and glad to see a secular example. My wife and I don't have the flexibility to home school our twins, but we would have loved to. As it is, we live in Fuquay-Varina, NC, a church-infested town if there ever was one. The most convenient and affordable pre-school in our area is run by the local Methodist church, and it was with no small amount of trepidation that we sent them to it. We let them know we are secular humanists (you'd have thought we said "satanists" from the way their jaws dropped) but to their credit they didn't single our kids out for special indoctrination and even offered to let them do something else when they did 'bible'. Their elementary school hosts a congregation that doesn't have their own church on Sundays, something I wouldn't have guessed would even be allowed. Anyways, I mainly wanted to say 'hi,' welcome to the blogroll and ask you to consider to submitting a pin to the Atheist Blogmap I maintain.

  5. Nothing to do with this blog entry, but if you have a peep at A trip abroad in 1920 you will see I have nominated it for a Liebster award as I feel the blog should be better known.

    Best wishes, Madeleine.

  6. How verily cruel to do to your kids: growing-up with nuthn but the whorizontal deceit? the relativism of this zooillogical psychosis? Egad. You should be deeply ashamed in stocks and have food thrown at you. I was once that way, brudda. My friend, I call'm as I see'm: you're verily confused, as I was not too long ago. But, yet, I grew-up outta this filthy mainstream ruled by Satan's world. Personally, I'm God-fearing because we A-L-L must someday sometime somewhere bite-the-dust; we’re A-L-L sinfull mortals due to Adam. Then what? Then, while our body becomes food for grubsNwormsNlarva to be recycled in the grave, our indelible soul lives fo'eva. While we can escape Jesus while on earth, we can never escape after death: Jesus shall judge U.S. on how well WE have lived our finite existence, deserving Heaven or Hell. No in between. Thus, it wouldn't be a reeeeeeeel good idea to be a LeftyLib who only worships the whorizontal. God bless you with discernment. Meet me Upstairs, k, where we'll have a BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for maaany eons. You're most invited. See ya soon.


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