Monday, October 10, 2011

Books and randomness...

I took these pictures a couple weeks ago, intending to document the book finds we came across in September:

Here are some library finds (all inspired by recommendations on various blogs I follow)...

And some yard sale finds...

And the current top favorites in our house. These are the books I have to read over and over and over. The Spanish book in the middle is actually Bug's favorite. He brings it to me, begging me to read it all the time, telling me "Different Book!" because he knows there is something different about it.

And of course, some library books for Mama (and Daddy), too.

These I received from Ohio's Department of Natural Resources. Educators can request free materials from them, and I got Field Guides to: Birds (+CD of bird songs), Reptiles, and Dragonflies and Damselflies. If you're not in Ohio, check with your state's Dept. of Natural Resources and see if they offer similar goodies for you. Did I mention they were FREE?

Monkeyman: Hey Mom, where are the wooden spoons? Me: Whyyyyy...? Yeah, we're looking into getting drum lessons for this guy. Oh, did I mention I had a migraine on this day? Yet I still had to smile at his delight while doing this.

Photo courtesy: Monkey

Happy guy Bug. He was blowing in the straw and making his milkshake erupt all over him. I figured he was already a mess, and he was quite enjoying himself so I let him continue while I took pics.

Oh, and one more random nugget: last night I was perusing an online microscope supplier's website, and my husband came in the room and saw the scope I happened to be looking at and said "Oooh! I want that! I wanna play with it!" It just amused me because I feel exactly the same way - it's always nice to see that we're on the same page!

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