Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: "Here Comes Science" by They Might Be Giants

There are not enough positive adjectives to describe "Here Comes Science" by They Might Be Giants. Just go buy it. Right now. Seriously. It's a CD + DVD set full of science songs, with topics ranging from chemistry to biology to astronomy and more. The music is great - I bought it for Max but can't stop listening to it myself, even when I'm in the car alone! The DVD has music videos for all of the songs and the animation is wonderful. We watched it for the first time this morning, and at the beginning of *every* song, Max exclaimed, "I like this!" He made me replay "The Bloodmobile" three times in a row. My personal favorite is "I'm a Paleontologist" - it's been stuck in my head and I've been singing it loudly all day. Oh yeah, and the thing is only 10 bucks. Seriously, off to Amazon with you now... go get it!

Disclaimer#1: No one has given me free stuff or money or anything for reviewing anything. I'll let you know if that ever happens. I just like sharing good stuff when I find it.
Disclaimer #2: If you are anti-evolution, this product is not for you.


  1. I saw this at a bookstore and thought "I wonder if this is awesome like Snacktime (their other cd)?" My kids loved that, and based on what you have now said, I think it is going on the list to buy. The anit-evolution note cracked me up because it reminded me of a friend who listened to Snacktime and her son started repeating one of the lyrics "people come from apes..." She had a fit! So yes, probably a good "disclaimer" to add. ;)

  2. We love this CD/DVD! The animation is so cool, and the songs are fun for kids without being cloying for grown-ups.

    Photosynthesis! AAAH-AAAH!

  3. Hey, thanks! I've been wondering about this one.


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