Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally caught a grasshopper!

The other day I wrote about trying to catch a grasshopper for Max. I have tried unsuccessfully a few times since, but today we finally caught one! I swear this grasshopper was actually friendly - it let Max carry it around for quite a long time. I found it fascinating to watch my normally boundlessly energetic, constantly-in-motion kid be calm and still and gentle with this delicate bug.

We observed its head and body, counted its legs, and watched its antennae feeling everything around it. At one point it jumped off of Max's hand and flew to a nearby plant and he was amazed to see that it could fly. He gently picked it back up and continued examining it.

Showing the grasshopper to his little brother.

I even took a turn holding it!

Grasshopper close-up

This picture makes me smile because you can see Max holding one of the ginormous zucchinis from Shane's garden in the background. Does anyone know any good zucchini recipes?

Emmett also thought the grasshopper was pretty neat and his new word for the day was "Bug! Bug! Bug!" (He also learned "Toad" and "Keenie" aka Zucchini.)

Max lost interest in the grasshopper when he found this guy...

and thoroughly enjoyed hypnotizing him.

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  1. I love this post! How cute!!!! Good luck starting this school year.. I am a homeschooling mommy too!!!



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