Thursday, July 14, 2011

Product Reviews: Wasp Wand and Waspinator

I just wanted to quickly mention two products that have made my life a bit easier. They are:
the Wasp Wand


the Waspinator.

We have always had a terrible problem with wasps around the back of our house, which is also where the kids' play area is located. Unfortunately I inherited my Mom's paralyzing phobia of stinging/buzzing/EVIL insects, and I would always be a nervous wreck when the kids were playing outside because the darn things were everywhere. Well, no longer, thanks to this super-duo of products! The Wasp Wand is basically an extension pole that holds a can of wasp spray, so that you can safely and thoroughly reach high places where they live. ( Yes I know this is not a very "green" method but I don't care. When it comes to wasps, I am the opposite of green - I guess that makes me "red", according to the color wheel. I'm totally okay with that.) So my dear husband sprayed the heck out of the eaves all around the house and finally managed to eradicate them. BUT, they always end up coming back after a while. This is where the second product comes in. The Waspinator basically works like a scarecrow, except for wasps. It's just a fake wasp nest. Apparently, they are very territorial creatures, and if they see an established nest they will stay away. I have had it up for several weeks now, and I must say I'm kind of blown away with the results. I can now relax and enjoy my backyard and let the children play without following them around looking out for wasps and nests like a paranoid freak.

Here's my Waspinator hanging from the awning above the back door. (Hubby's garden is visible between the house & the swingset.) Thank you kind people in the wasp control industry!

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