Monday, December 31, 2012

Real conversation I had today + Happy New Year!

This is the Facebook status I posted this morning.  I wanted to share it here as well, for your amusement:

Conversation that actually happened this morning, as I was making sangria for tonight:
Me (calling Shane at work):  It has come to my attention that I have never actually opened a bottle of wine by myself before.  I sat on the floor with the bottle between my knees and pulled on the corkscrew with all my might, but I can't get that thing to budge.  Any advice?
Shane:  Pulled?!  No, you put the little teeth against the bottle and pry with the other side of the corkscrew.
Me: ... OHHH!  Yeah, that was WAY easier!
Shane:  Are you SERIOUS?!  You didn't know that?
Me:  No I really didn't.  I hardly ever drink wine, and on the rare occasions when I did, someone else always opened it!  Totally LMAO at myself!

Yeah, so that's my TIL for today.  Just wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year!  The one thing I resolve to do is get back into writing regularly.  Apologies for the sporadic-ness of the past couple months.

New Year's is not my favorite holiday - in fact it usually depresses me.  I may have even written about this before, but I am acutely aware that *these* are the best days of my life - right now - while my kids are small and every day is an adventure.  When New Year's Eve comes, I feel sad knowing that another whole year has slipped by already.  I guess this is a good thing; that I'm so lucky to have a good year worthy of missing as it passes.  Today I am focusing on feeling grateful about that and am in better spirits than I normally am on this holiday.

I hope everyone reading this has also had a year wonderful enough to miss as it becomes history, and that 2013 is full of goodness for you as well.

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