Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Transit of Venus Was a Bust For Us

Here we are at the top of the sledding hill at Firestone Metro Park, where there was supposed to have been a gathering organized by the Astronomy Club of Akron.  You can see the rainy, hazy, overcast weather behind us.  I had spent the afternoon cleaning up the telescope (it was pretty dusty from not having been used in a while) and hunting down all of the relevant accessories for it.  We loaded it in the car and headed out, hoping it would clear up for at least a few moments but gave up after standing around looking at the sky for an hour or so.  Monkey did have a good time - he found another little kid to run around and play with, so he was perfectly content.  So the scope got to go for a ride in the car, and I got to visit a local scenic spot I hadn't been to before, but alas - not a single peep at Venus.  I was disappointed, but it also made me feel even luckier for getting to see it 8 years ago.


  1. I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate for you! We did get to see the transit, which I first learned about from your blog. So thank you!! And I'm glad you got to see it the last time. :)

    1. Thanks, Leanna - somehow that makes me feel better about missing it, knowing that I helped someone else get to see it!


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