Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy (now quite belated) Birthday Monkeyman!

Okay, I have a bunch of posts in my drafts folder, so I'm going to make them short & sweet and power through so I can get them posted and get caught up.

So, two months ago, Monkeyman turned 6.  All I will say about his birthday is this:

We had a LEGO-themed party...

But apparently, we should have had an Angry Birds-themed party instead!

Just kidding - a good time was had by all!  We crammed many family members into our tiny house... because of limited space, Monkeyman was only allowed to invite two outside-the-family friends.  One was his longtime buddy, S., and the other was a new homeschooling friend, E.  He brought Monkey a handmade card that said "You are my best friend.  The end."  So sweet!  Totally melted my heart.

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