Monday, July 30, 2012

Olde Canal Days Festival, Canal Fulton, Ohio

A couple weeks ago, we spent a Saturday afternoon at the Olde Canal Days Festival in Canal Fulton, Ohio.  We went for a canal boat ride back in the fall, but we went again for the "Civil War Boat Capture Re-enactment."  The soldiers rode along with us on our cruise and re-enacted a little skirmish when we returned.  The boys both thought it was pretty cool, although the pace of the boat ride itself was a tad slow for two rambunctious little ones.

This guy was the tour guide.  You can see he is in period costume.

Here are the soldiers who rode along with us.  The guy holding the violin played it as we drifted along - he was pretty good!

Monkey took this one of us on the boat.  Notice he has figured out how to use the special effects on my phone and insists on using them.

Bug, watching the world go by.

Happy kid on a boat ride.

They handed out earplugs for the kids, in preparation for the shooting of the guns.  Bug really wanted to stick the earplugs in his nose, and when I said, "No, honey, they go in your ears," he just looked at me and made a perfect frowny face in response.  Made me chuckle.

Pulling back into the dock.  In the background you can see the ferris wheel on the festival grounds, and also the horses that had pulled the boat.

The soldiers disembarked...

...and strolled over looking for enemy troops...





Monkey desperately wanted to go down this big slide.  I was afraid he'd get up there and change his mind, but he did it!

Overall, a fun excursion and a great little festival!  Next year we'll allot more time for our visit; there was a lot to see and we didn't get to it all.

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  1. Looks like a really neat festival and a great way to spend the day. :) I don't think the plugs would have helped as much in his nose...but I bet he sure would have enjoyed trying them out that way!


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