Sunday, September 28, 2014

What We Did Over Summer Vacation - Part 1

Back in August, we checked out the special Lego Travel Adventure exhibit going on at the Great Lakes Science Center.  It's INCREDIBLE.  There are tons of amazing three dimensional scenes and recreations of famous landmarks from around the world, as well as artwork on the walls made from Legos, interspersed with lots of free play areas.  And all of this is included in the regular admission for the museum - there's no extra fee like there usually is for the special exhibits.


John Lennon closeup

Viewed from one angle, you can see an image of Tigger...

But the same piece, viewed from another angle, shows Eeyore and Piglet!

As I ran around taking pictures of all of these amazing creations, my boys spent at least an hour building with these giant foam Lego blocks.  I want some!


The exhibit is going on through October 19th so you can still check it out if you haven't been yet - it's definitely worth the trip!

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