Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teaching Grandma How To Play Minecraft

My mom had the day off work for President's Day, so she came over to hang out for awhile yesterday morning.  Monkey has been wanting her to play Minecraft with him (since she has a Kindle, too) and they finally got a chance.  Much hilarity ensued as Monkey literally ran circles around her with his avatar.  He patiently showed her how all of the controls worked, and they proceeded to play together in ways that hadn't occurred to me as being possible; follow the leader, tag, hide and seek, etc.  Monkey also proudly showed her all of his creations in his virtual world, which were actually pretty impressive.  They played for the better part of an hour.  There was much laughter and one happy little boy who got some special playtime with Grandma.


  1. How fun! Jack and Fred have discovered the magic of Minecraft. As far as computer games go, it's a pretty good one. :)

  2. Wonderful! My grandma came over and I am trying to her how to play MC.


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